FF Lineup Dominator '17 App Reviews

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App frozen

Got to try the app for 2 weeks before it froze. Guessing if I have to reload it they will charge me again. Never had an app freeze up and not recover before. This app is not ready yet.

Would be great if it didn’t keep losing rosters

Got tired of app losing rosters. Adding duplicate leagues for no reason. I can still use it for rankings. When it doesn’t change scoring for no reason. But not reliable at all.

Change the way you manage your team

This thing is awesome. Takes a tiny bit of understanding of statistical analysis and probabilities, but if you want to manage your team most optimally this is a phenomenal tool. FBGs have helped me dominate my league regularly

Even if it were free it wouldn't be worth it.

This app should be free to all pro subscribers. Then you wouldn't mind if you have to reset it every time you log in. Sync doesn't always work. I'm currently in week 10 and the lineup recommendations are for week 9. If I follow the recommendations of this app I would be starting a player on a bye week.


The app no longer recognizes starter changes despite repeated sync’s

Good idea- doesn't work

It would be nice if it updated weekly....

Don’t waste your money

These guys couldn’t pick a line up if they were first hand witnesses to a bank robbery and all the suspects were wearing name tags! You’d be better off using a magic 8 ball...

Doesn't link properly

App is supposed to link to Yahoo sports. It only does it partially. As a result, all recommendations need to be checked with only about half being usable.


This does a lot of work I was doing manually. Weighting expert projections is great. I’ve been using the app for the whole season and am very happy with it. One improvement I’d like to see for all FBG tools is changing a position designation. A LB is designated as a DE at MFL, it would be nice to see him with the DEs in this app.


There is so much packed into this little app it's amazing! It links to the website so it's easy to use. By far the best of all I have found.

Don't Blow your team based on these guys recommendations

I have had this app for the season and overall I feel like the recommendations are worthwhile. However, don't blow the team you drafted to meet their player starts. It has bitten me more times than I can say. Their experts are simply guys who pontificate way too much about football and are right maybe 51% of the time.

Does not sync

App is useless. Does not sync correctly with my league. Waste of money.

Definitely not worth it

This app is not good.

App blows

Stopped working. Not showing rosters. Unable to link leagues. Wasn’t bad before. Now it’s worthless

Stopped working

This app has stopped working over the last few days down. I am wondering if it is due to the update for iOS 11.0 for my iPhone. I cannot longer see my team or make the appropriate entries to compare my matchups. Your support website does not seem to offer any insight as to what to do. I have deleted and reloaded the program and this is not helped would appreciate some help in resolving this issue

Great concept but needs better player forecast

I like the idea for this app but it needs more accurate information to be more useful. There are to many variables to be as accurate as it needs to be. It reminds me of ranking teams in the old BCS, ultimately the players have to play and it is very challenging to say to 2 decimal points what they will score. Maybe use whole numbers as usually a players actual score is off by 5, 10 or 15 points. Why would I need a recommendation to start one player over another if they are off by only .02

Why some give this app 1 star, and why this app is a 5 Star

Lineup ‘17, in comparison to its bundled apps; Waiver/Trade ‘17 and Draft Dominator ‘17, are getting one stars very frequently as the season progresses. Here’s why: Those who use the app as their number one source for all fantasy football projections and use the app to set their lineup on a week to week basis, will overall be disappointed with the app. The men who created it and input their projections are human like the rest of us, they can only estimate so much. They use math, statistics, and past performances to create their projections, same as ESPN or any other app. So if you decide to trust this app 100% of the time, you’re going to get let down. You shouldn't, as the saying goes, put all your eggs in one basket. Spread the projections across multiple apps and websites. See what others have to say, and then once you’ve done that, put your insight and analysis into play. Once you have checked off that criteria, then you should set your lineup for the week ahead. Those who give this app one star, are the same people who use the app for ALL of their fantasy projections and fantasy insight. You shouldn’t do that. Remember, everything in moderation. Here’s why this is a 5 Star app: The algorithms, functions, and abilities of this app are unmatched by any fantasy app I’ve seen before. It allows you to see who should perform well and who shouldn’t. It allows you to make dozens of changes and see how that might effect your chance of winning. It allows you to compare players, lineups, and positions better than any app. It give you up to date reports on injury’s and player performances. It does not cease to stop updating and giving you what you need to have a successful season. I use this app, but not always. It’s more of a second reference for me. My first reference is my own opinion. You should use this app in moderation to set your lineup, but don’t trust it 100%, or else you WILL be disappointed with the results. I’ll say it again, if you use this app to make 100% of your decisions in fantasy football, you will be upset with the results. Spread the love, go to different websites and apps to see fantasy analysis, and you will be happy with this app and it’s abilities. For example, this app told me to get Deshaun Watson and the Jets defense on my roster for week 5. I trusted it, and decided to go with both. Deshaun Watson got me 45 QB fantasy points in my league, but the Jets defense performed poorly. So they were only 1 for 2 on their projections, but still pretty good. What I’m saying, is don’t be narrow minded and only use this app. Use it in moderation, spread the love, and you will be very pleased with the results.

Hasn’t provided an advantage

The draft dominator is great. Lineup dominator hasn’t been. Among other consistent failed projections, I’ve started the lower scoring QB for 5 straight weeks following its advisement. Shame on me...

Not the best

The app doesn't remove players from your view once they have been picked up by any team. Players still show up as recommended waiver pick ups even though they have already been picked up by other teams. There's one recommendation for me to pick up a player who was picked up in the 2nd week is the season, it's now week 5.

Not worth a penny.

Do not buy any of these apps, they don't work, updates are terrible, they won't sync, save your money and buy other apps.


Awful. Why would this suggest free agents that haven’t been in days? Demanding a full refund.

Great App, but...

Not syncing actual lineups and rosters more often needs to be considered when looking at projected scores. You can sync all you want with the App, but the data it's getting from MFL is not up to date a lot of the time.

Best fantasy app

Love this app. Lots of data and information and easy to navigate. Love the free agent recommendations and scoring breakdowns vs opponent. Love how I can view both my ESPN and yahoo leagues in one place.

No longer syncs to ESPN

I have been enjoying the app, and I have made sure to check it every week particularly for opportunistic FA pickups. However, since week4 the app is no longer syncing my roaster with ESPN, making it not as useful. Where did the sync button go?

Fails me

Makes me make stupid changes based on their expert analysis that wind up costing me wins. Figured I'd give the app a shot since there were quite a few positive reviews and I was struggling making the right lineup calls a bit this year. Didn't really agree with some of their suggestions but since they are supposed to be the pros I made the changes recommended and now I'm taking L's that would have been W's. You got my money but I don't think I'll use the app at all the rest of the year.

Useless Sync

Title says it all. I’ve had enough manually syncing or deleting and re-adding leagues to remedy the issue just to have it revert a few hours or days later.

So inaccurate

This might help you keep track of free agents in your league but little else. There's no "insider" information here, and over has been SOOO incorrect with its suggestions, I honestly cannot recommend purchasing this app.

Great App

I'm finding this App pretty dang useful...thanks gang!

Not user friendly

Extremely confusing. The categories have abbreviations that you have no idea what they mean. I find this app useless.


Used this app once so far and it was wrong on every projection complete waste of money

Really only deserves 1 star / A lot of bad advice

I gave it 2 stars only because it does help me out keeping everything organized in my 5 leagues. It's week 3 and I have gotten nothing but bad advice. I could go on and on with examples but I would run out of space. The football guys have tried to get me to upgrade to a premium subscription and all I can say is if you want me to pay for your advice you better do a lot better than you have. You guys are the so called professionals and I am positive I could make better decisions. I have left so many points on the bench so far this year because I listened to you guys. If I don't quit listening to your advice, I won't win any of my leagues.

Good Concept, Poor Execution

Love Draft Dominator, purchase it every year. This app is far below the standards of DD. Constant drops in league sync, have had to change scoring for leagues repeatedly and repeated crashes by the app. Will definitely hold off on purchasing the app next season until the many issues are fixed.


It doesn't work well with Yahoo but does great with MyFantasyLeague.

Doesn't update my lineup

Need I say more?!

Great app!

Have used Football Guys website and PC tools for a lot of years. So nice to have the mobile app for convenience

Waste of money

The app will not sync with me league and therefore is useless!

Sync league scoring please

This app is great. Just wish it could sync the scoring. My league has some funky scoring and I can’t get it set right. It would be a 5 then.

Rosters do not sync

I connected to my league in MyFantasyLeague and only some of my players are correctly pulling from my official roster. Obviously...with all the correct players on my roster the app can't help me choose the optimal line up.

Proof will be in the pudding.

This app is great works like the Footballguys myMFG 10 second. But this is better. Easy to see lineups, matchups, projections, and sos. Even shows best free agent. Replaces about 5 other fantasy sites to get it all done. Everything right in one operation. I love the mean on the experts consensus and the possible floor/ceiling with projected points. My football league site projects I am in a dead heat with my opponent. After using your app it projects my team to win week 1 by 16 points. It will all depend on how accurate your projections, sos, etc are. As mama used to say "The proof is in the pudding" as I have used your site to win championships, I know it will be a delicious victory. Replaces

Needs serious updates

I bought the 3pack of apps. This is the only one that doesn't sync my roster properly. It has players in my line up that I don't even own. Please fix

Not finding my leagues

App won't work

Ok, needs work.

App is just ok. Love Footballguys and their draft app. This apps layout needs improvement, it's not very user friendly. Also, on FA recommendations it said to add players who had played on the Thursday game. App has potential. Needs work.


Every year!!!!! This app is on point!!!! I go nowhere else but here to set my line ups..... won cash on every league the last 3 years

One Problem Espn Sync

When syncing the Espn roster it freezes, but I love the app.

Doesn't sync

Enjoyed the app while it worked, but spend 10 minutes trying to get teams synced every time I want to use it.

Update for Christ sakes

Your app need to update on a regular bases. Week by week day by day. Transaction happen often, your app doesn't recognize anything. $4.99, you need to give it back. NOT WORTH .01.

Terrible app

This app does a whole lot of nothing. Doesn't sync and doesn't update. Still shows players that I dropped weeks ago.

Won't update rosters

Really like the app but it won't update my yahoo leagues after waivers... works fine on espn leagues though


Couldn't give it zero stars. Doesn't sync properly and makes no sense. Don't waste your money.

Poor App syncing issues

I wish I would have trusted the recent reviews about the syncing issues. Downloaded app today on 9/16/2017 and it's ripe with syncing bugs.

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